Where Were You When.........

  •  Bill Gates founded Microsoft and revolutionized the Computer Software Industry
  • Steve Jobs founded Apple and revolutionized the Cell Phone
  • Mark Zukerberg founded Facebook and revolutionized how we social interact with other online.........

 When The Right Opportunity Knocks...Will You Be There to Open the Door?


Finance Genie LLC. is revolutionzing the Consumer Electronics Finance Industry.  Due to the Economic Down Turn many Americans CAN NOT obtain financing through traditional sources such as banks, finance companies, and personal loan companies without a perfect credit score. With credit scores of 550 or less a person will very seldom get approved for financing regardless of their income, length of employment, or down payment.


Finance Genie is looking for Entreprenuerial Minded Individuals who have the desire and drive to  earn a Six Figure Income.

As a Finance Genie Consultant the SKY's the Limit! 

  • $75 on Personal Finance Approved Deals
  • $15 on Sub Finance Genie Consultants Deals
  •  Deal Tracker: Track your personal deals, sub consultants deals, commissions, commission payment dates, etc.
  • Agent Back Office
  • Agent Support Hotline Answered Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
  • Training and Support
  • And Much More.......

Top 10 Reason Why You Should Choose Finance Genie Consultant Opportunity? 

1. More Americans will have a difficult time to obtaining credit.

2. Have the opportunity to offer financing for the Hottest and most Innovative Electronics. 

3. Proven Marketing System will have you earning a minimum of $1,000 your 1st week and $1,000 a day in 30 days or less.

4. 1000 leads per month at NO COST!

5. Co Op Marketing Program

6. Work From Home, Vacation, or Anywhere!

7. Paid 2 x Per Week

8. Marketing material including 500 full color postcards, door knob hangers, business cards, and flyers.

9. Agent Hotline Answered

Monday-Friday 9am-5pm CST.

10. Track all of your deals, commission, overrides and pending business through our agent Deal Tracker software updated every 2 hours during regular business hours.

Get Started Today!

Become A Finance Genie Finance Consultant. 



*Certain Restrictions Apply. 

Finance Consultant Opportunity Application

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